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Rebuilding Flyer

Dear Falcon Families,

Sometimes, it’s the little things that bring us the greatest hope. Arriving on campus just hours after Hurricane Irma roared through, I was greeted by our Blessed Mother statue. Although heavy debris from fallen trees surrounded her and destroyed her protective cover, there she stood untouched in all her magnificence-a beacon of hope. 

Just like so many others in our State, St Francis Xavier Catholic School sustained severe damage. The storm destroyed roofs, furniture, ceilings, and rendered our beautiful new Media Center Learning Commons and after-care facility closed to student use. This damage greatly affects our physical facilities and impacts our programs and ability to provide the distinctive student learning experience for our students at the level to which we aspired before the storm. We are deeply committed to rebuild and bring back some normalcy to our students, teachers and parents. We will use this opportunity to rebuild and improve our facilitates to provide our students with an even better learning environment. 

As we have begun the repair and recovery process we have been faced with some very difficult realities. The financial burden is substantial. Fortunately, over the years we have built a reserve that was earmarked to be used for our Courtyard Restoration Project and Early Education Center Renovation. Our insurance from the Diocese of Venice covers some of the repairs, but due to the immense damage sustained and the need to address these issues immediately, we must expend our reserves for these projects, meet our insurance deductible and ensure our future capital needs are meet. 

When all of this was presented to me, I wondered how we would recover. Before we reopened, walking our campus and prayerfully reflecting, I was inspired thinking of all the amazing work, strength, and faith that has brought us to this point. This school and community have conquered many challenges since it opened its doors in 1938, each time overcoming and moving forward. We must look now at what we have in front of us not as an unsurmountable hill, but a moment of hope and inspiration. As I ended my walk, I stood in front of the statue of the Blessed Mother and reflected on the symbolism of her remaining strong even though all around her was destroyed. Although our own exterior protective covering was damaged, at heart we too remain strong as a school family. We will make it through this and emerge even better. 

Of course, we cannot do this alone. We recognize that many families are also rebuilding and dealing with astronomical deductibles. Instead of our annual campaign, we are embarking on a two-year campaign of faith, hope, and love. This campaign is centered on our students’ learning experience, future and commitment to nearly 80 years of tradition, education and life at St. Francis Xavier Catholic School. Throughout the next two years, we will provide multiple opportunities to join us in rebuilding. If you are not currently struggling with post-hurricane expenses, I ask that you consider a gift today to support us in our immediate efforts to help us reach our goal of $500,000. We will have ongoing fundraising efforts throughout the campaign. Our needs are great, but I believe our school family’s depth of compassion and community is greater. Can we count on your support?

If you would like to give online, simply visit our school website Click on the Rebuilding on Faith Campaign and select the WeShare option. If you would like to discuss our Rebuilding on Faith Campaign in more detail and review some of our larger giving opportunities or would like to assist in our efforts, please contact me personally at 239-334-7707 or e-mail me directly at

John Gulley

Blessed Mother 2media center

Click to donate to Rebuilding on Faith Campaign - We Share